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Podcast #11

Are frustrated that your training and eating habits are not producing the results you are looking for?  Coach Robb’s Podcast #11 drills down on the top six culprits that could be holding you back. 

Podcast #9

Coach Robb outlined the Top 8 Mistakes People make when trying to improve their health, wellness and/or sports performance. 

Podcast #8

Coach Robb’s Podcasts are frequently referred to as the “people’s podcast”.  During this podcast, Coach Robb answered numerous listener’s questions such as:  why being motivated by fear is keeping you from reaching….

Podcast #7

On the Coach Robb Podcast #7, he outlined 4 specific things with your eating habits during the holidays to avoid gaining that dreaded “Holiday Weight Gain”. 

Podcast #6

On the Coach Robb Podcast #6, he answered the frequently debated question “Should my maximum heart rate go up or down as I become fitter?”

Podcast #5

On the Coach Robb Podcast #5, he addresses how to hydrate properly (pre, during and post exercise) whether you are a recreational athlete or a hard core performance athlete.

Podcast #4

On the Coach Robb Podcast #4 we dive into the Hierarchy of Needs and the correct quality and quantity balances for water, food, sleep and exercise.

Podcast #3

Coach Robb breaks down the importance of sleep and a simple plan to make sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep

Podcast #2

Coach Robb tells us all how to be healthy for just $10 a day and explains the importance of good nutrition as the cornerstone to any successful fitness program!