Podcast 34 – Prescription Drugs & Nutritional Depletion | How to Handle an Injury/Illness without Losing your Fitness and Your Mind!

If you are taking over the counter medications or have been prescribed pharmaceuticals, you may be experiencing symptoms such as depression, fatigue, hair loss, irritability, anemia, loss of smell/taste, wounds that won’t heal and even sexual dysfunction… to name a few.

Podcast 33 – Fighting Disease Through Food

Nothing drives the volume of emails to Coach Robb’s offices like the subject (and frustrations) associated with food.  As the peoples podcast, Coach Robb has consolidated emails from listeners who have asked for help in addressing specific health issues with food.

Podcast 32 – Sex and Sleep Changes Everything!

This podcast episode is a result of numerous emails that have come in since the beginning of the year from excited (no pun intended) new clients who have enjoyed deeper levels of sleep and associated benefits (less anxiety, lower body fat, improved athletic performance, more energy, etc.) after Coach Robb recommended that they get sex back into their normal routine (the more frequent the better)!

Podcast 31 – Coach Robb Unplugged

Live from the world famous DMXS Studios in Atlanta Georgia, Coach Robb sits down with co-host David Izer in an unstructured free for all of questions regarding everything from how he got started in human performance coaching to his personal athletic background and everything in between!

Podcast 30 – Breaking Down the 2 Week Food Challenges – Phase One, Phase Two and why Pixy Sticks Work!

The popularity of the Two Week Food Challenge has reached all new levels here at CoachRobb.com.  During the first half of this podcast, for new listeners (and a review for regular listeners), Coach Robb walks you through a brief overview of Phase One: what it is, how to implement, how it works and most importantly why it works.

Podcast 29 – The Funnel of Chronic Depletion and the K.I.S.S. Formula

In the first half of Coach Robb Podcast Episode #29, Coach Robb outlines his unique approach to offsetting the symptoms associated with chronic system depletion which often leaves us feeling physically and mentally drained. He calls it  the K.I.S.S. Formula.

Podcast 28 – Why Addressing Frustrations is Much More Effective Than Chasing Goals

During this podcast, Coach Robb explains why identifying frustrations and the associated steps to addressing them is the quickest path to ultimate achievement. 

Podcast 27 – The Ultimate Four-Step Holiday Survival Guide & Seven Surprising Sources of Injuries

During the first half of this podcast, Coach Robb explains why he wants you to embrace the joys of the holiday season with friends, family and colleagues. 

Podcast 26 – The Difference Between Epstein Barr, Adrenal Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In this podcast Coach Robb walks through a concept he refers to as the “Flow Pattern of Fatigue”.

Podcast 25 – The Top 10 Dangers Associated with the Dark Days of Winter and their Effects on Adrenal Fatigue!

During podcast #25, Coach Robb discusses the top 10 dangers associated with the dark days of winter and what you can do to avoid the typical pitfalls that leads to winter time blues and even depression.