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Athletes have gotten busted in a multitude of sports for various performance enhancing drugs: triathlon, cycling, running, tennis, motocross and even curling back in the Olympics!  As a result, Coach Robb has been inundated with questions about why they are used, the associated health risks and is there a way to win naturally?  In this podcast, Coach Robb outlines the performance benefits and health dangers associated with PEDS, and explains why (in his opinion), you can’t win at the highest level without the use of PEDS!

Whether it is testosterone, hGH, cortisone or EPO, Coach Robb explains the ethical decision that individuals and athletes must make when it comes to the use of these performance enhancing substances.  If you or anyone you know, is using performance enhancing drugs, you definitely want to listen to this podcast before you destroy your mental and physical health.  The lack of knowledge may be the difference between living and dying!

Listener questions included: The dumbest thing Coach Robb has seen an athlete do?; Why am I dehydrated?; Professional golfer with a sore elbow – cause and how to fix?; Should you wear a sweatshirt to acclimate to the heat?

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