Whether you are an individual that is trying to lose weight, a recreational exerciser, or a competitive athlete, there are five common mistakes we all make that undermine our health and performance on a daily basis. During this podcast you will discover how these mistakes build upon each other until we are forced to pay attention because of headaches, inability to sleep, irritability, high anxiety levels, unexplained weight gain, slower speeds, less strength and low energy!

As always, grab a piece of paper and get ready to understand what you can do to alleviate these negative symptom, as well as develop a strategy to keep them from coming back in the future. If you have struggled with dropping those unwanted pounds of fat or have gained back more weight than you have lost using a commercial “diet plan”, Coach Robb will walk you through, in detail, why this is happening. Keep in mind, this information is NOT what the weight loss systems, diet plans, multi-level marketing products and so-called trainers what you to learn about. Why? Because then the propaganda that they promote wouldn’t sell and you would remove your dependency on them.

Coach Robb is all about accountability and responsibility when it comes to your health, wellness and performance. This podcast is all about equipping you with the truth about food, sleep and evaluating how stress effects your body (mentally and physically)!

Listeners questions include: What is a complex carb; Why you should add butter to your potatoes; How do you know if you are warmed up; What do you burn more of during high intensity training-stored fat or carbs; Does intermittent fasting work?